On Grid Solar Energy Solutions

Emicon is a turnkey solar EPC provider in on grid solar solutions and has engraved its name in the market ever since the solar electrical equipments impetus began. Emicon has been a leading System Integrator of Delhi NCR; with a highly skilled team and considerable track record in the field of Solar Photovoltaic Power Systems. Emicon offers product ranging from Solar street lights, Solar panels and Solar power plants.

Commercial entities like showrooms, offices, institutes & Hospitals etc. are liable to pay the highest tariffs in India. Solar ON-Grid systems can help you substantially reduce your electricity bill. Commercial PV systems are low maintenance systems, provide 100 % green electricity and have a service life of over 25 years.

With the solar thrust growing for energy conservation on grid solar systems have become increasingly popular where cost cutting is the key agenda. Throughout the daytime a major portion of electricity can be generated through on grid solar panels which is way less costly than the conventional electricity sources. Solar Grid interactive systems are efficiently designed to meet energy requirement of any scale and are suitable for industrial, commercial and residential applications. The projects can vary from implementation of small solar Power Plants to large scale solar grid which consists of several small solar power panels. Hence depending on the scale of project, it can be designed from 5kW to 1MW capacities as per the customer prerequisite.