Welcome to Emicon Solar

Emicon is a solar power company providing solution for photovoltaic technology. Emicon India Pvt. Ltd. is committed to provide leading cutting edge in Clean Energy Technology to you in association with best global leading companies. We are committed to giving bespoke service to our customer and striving to provide the best. Our team has decades of experience and expertise in design of both OFF-Grid & ON-Grid solar Power plant. We are providing Engineering, Procurement & commissioning (EPC) services for Solar Energy.

Environmental Policy

In order to assure the end customer satisfaction, keeping a leadership position in the market and at the same time aiming to a continuous improvement of the company internal working conditions and of its environmental performances, EMICON intends to promote in its organization the culture of Quality and Environment Protection and it is therefore extremely important the pollution preventing and the constant respect of the environmental regulations.

EMICON is perfectly aware that the market requests are the driving motor of the company activity and that an organization methodically managed in its processes represents a topical factor for the customer satisfaction. In order to achieve such results, EMICON believes it is important to develop and to improve its Quality and Environmental Service as the basic tool for supporting all the company processes.

On this purpose, it is really important for EMICON, for its own success, to aim to the training, the involvement and the motivations of the whole staff working in a healthy environment and with the necessary facilities for a correct execution of their own working activities. A wide range of models are available in each product category to ensure that the air-conditioning system design is implemented without any compromise. All products have been designed on the energy-efficiency platform, and offer a host of advanced features.