Welcome to Emicon HVAC

Emicon India Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2004 by Mr. Gaurav Gupta to provide perfectly tailored HVAC solutions. He has 25 years of experience in the field of planning, execution and handling of the HVAC project. Our turnkey services incorporate detailed designing, procurement, full project management, installation, commissioning and handing over of the complete HVAC system.

Emicon India Pvt. Ltd. selects the most economical design for Air- Conditioning projects, which gives our clients most effective Air–Conditioning systems. Our qualified Engineers execute the project in most efficient manner, provides a complete choice of sizes, capacities and arrangements to fulfill any application in Air Conditioning and Ventilation, Coordinating with other agencies and within the time frame of the project.

Amongst the top-class HVAC contractors in Delhi & NCR, Emicon draws prides from the fact that it has offered Air-conditioning &ventilation designing and contracting services to big names in the retail and commercial sectors in North India. We provide customized turnkey Air-conditioning & Ventilation service and support our esteemed clients with Air-Conditioning & Ventilation system design, product selection, and installation. With comprehensive understanding of the requirements of different facilities, our technical experts provide valuable HVAC assistance that include annual maintenance, system repair, and up gradation.

Being a prominent HVAC contractor in Delhi & NCR, we know that Air-Conditioning & Ventilation requirements of a multispecialty mall is completely different compared to the ones of corporate workplace. Since we receive first-hand technical proficiency on all facets of air conditioning, and ventilation we are strongly placed to take up commercial Air-Conditioning & Ventilation projects of different sizes and scope.

Emicon India Pvt. Ltd. has a well organized team of design Engineers, Project Managers, Supervisors and other technical staff to cater all integrated needs of efficient and organized completion of work within the stipulated period. We believe in giving good services to our client in achieving their needs.

Environmental Policy

In order to assure the end customer satisfaction, keeping a leadership position in the market and at the same time aiming to a continuous improvement of the company internal working conditions and of its environmental performances, EMICON intends to promote in its organization the culture of Quality and Environment Protection and it is therefore extremely important the pollution preventing and the constant respect of the environmental regulations.

EMICON is perfectly aware that the market requests are the driving motor of the company activity and that an organization methodically managed in its processes represents a topical factor for the customer satisfaction. In order to achieve such results, EMICON believes it is important to develop and to improve its Quality and Environmental Service as the basic tool for supporting all the company processes.

On this purpose, it is really important for EMICON, for its own success, to aim to the training, the involvement and the motivations of the whole staff working in a healthy environment and with the necessary facilities for a correct execution of their own working activities. A wide range of models are available in each product category to ensure that the air-conditioning system design is implemented without any compromise. All products have been designed on the energy-efficiency platform, and offer a host of advanced features.